Loose Notary Certificate

I often receive calls for signature notarization on documents that don’t include notarial wording. It’s important to know that I don’t attached my signature or stamp to documents that don’t meet the requirement. When this happens it’s important for the document holder to know what type of notarization they need. After the signer makes the determination we will use a loose certificate to complete the notarization.

A loose certificate is a notarial certificate that is contained on a separate sheet of paper and is not part of the original document. It is attached — usually stapled — to the document’s signature page. It’s used when:

  • No notarial wording is provided on the document.
  • The provided certificate wording doesn’t comply with state requirements.
  • There is no room for the seal on the document.
  • The preprinted certificate has already been used by another Notary.

By National Notary Association Staff on October 01, 2009